Wednesday, January 25, 2012

All in this together

So I get this email that has been forwarded about a zillion times; Huge panic. Obama is going to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. And hey, why are they suddenly no longer "Undocumented Workers?" But I digress. So suddenly everyone is freaked out. Let's all play "sign the petition." yada yada... After all, Obama will certainly give in to public pressure. [tongue firmly in cheek.]
Soooo anyway, It's all a big hoax. There's no petition, No Social Security for illegal's, and according to the left, there aren't even any Illegal Aliens.

Irregardless of this [Yes I know that that is a double negative and not a real word but I like the way it sounds; kind of "extra-regardless.] so [r]egardless of these facts the frantic plea got the old juices flowing, and here was, and is, my response:

First: I realize that this is a hoax. With that said
This is truly unbelievable! Not that he would do this, but that you are surprised by it. Barack Obama is a far left liberal; the most far left that has ever gotten access to the most powerful position in the world. Of course he is going to give all governmental handouts to everyone. He has promised it since he came onto the national scene. He promised it long before. I have been begging everyone I know to do the most cursory research, to just be informed, and I have been blown off as the right wing loon. This is the "social justice" that he has promised ad nauseam. He has promised Amnesty to all of the illegal's, although it will be called "A path out of the shadows" or some other Orwellian title. He will swear it is not amnesty but it will have all of it's disastrous effects.

Social Security is already bankrupt. It is already a Ponzi scheme that would make Bernie Maddoff blush. The federal courts, and even the Supreme Court have stated exactly that. Social Security is on track to implode by 2028 unless massive tax infusions are added (that's right, substantial new payroll taxes taken from your checks) George Bush tried to address this, albeit weakly, and the left wing stuck their fingers in their ears and called him a moron for it.

The Supreme Court has already ruled several times that any benefit given to one person must be available to all "persons," regardless of their citizenship status. This is guaranteed by the Fourteenth Amendment, and cannot be abrogated by any law. That is why illegal's cannot be turned away from emergency rooms. That is why illegal's currently get L&I ( Workers Comp.) and other state and federal benefits. That is already the law of the land. That is why all of the current twenty million or so illegal's and any of their kin who can swim, wade, walk, crawl, etc here will have access to the new healthcare regardless of what Obama or anyone promises. It already is the law of the land, and cannot be changed.

The supreme court decided decades ago that the government can give Social Security to anyone it wished regardless if they ever paid into it. They further stated that it is simply a tax, and does not obligate the government to pay any money out to anyone ever, as long as they provide benefits equally to all. In other words they can kill Social Security at any time and not owe one cent to anyone. Social Security will be unsustainable within the next decade. That is no ones opinion. It is simply an accounting fact.</p>

Medicare and it's bastard child, Medicaid are actually much worse, at something like $50 trillion dollars in the red, currently. As more and more doctors cease to take these patients due to ridiculously declining reimbursements the signs are becoming impossible not to see. These too will inevitably implode under their own weight. Continuing to pretend otherwise will not protect us from it.
This is the path we are on. We are racing down it while the liberals and progressives remain blissfully ignorant, holding hands, singing Kumbaya as they drag us all over the cliff with them.</p>
This is the Hope and change your hero promised. He promised repeatedly to "fundamentally change America." he promised ad nauseam to drag America kicking and screaming to a world of Left Wing Nirvana of "Social Justice." This is who Obama is. This is who he promised to be. You were warned. This is just the tip of a massive iceberg of disastrous things he is doing right now and promises to do in the near future. This is what I have been ranting about for a very long time, that people have not wanted to listen to. This is the natural course of a left wing world view. Obama is just the latest and best of socialist / fascist demagogues preaching clever rhetorical platitudes to an ignorant populace who have no desire for any distressing and inconvenient facts.

Once again the "progressives" have fallen for the same old "We"ll only tax the evil rich" nonsense. Once again they are learning that in trying to save the world with other peoples money they have only picked their own pockets and all of their neighbors. Thus has it always been. Thus must it always be.
No stupid petition is going to stop the deluge. It is simply the proverbial finger in the dike. If you put 12 progressives in a boat you can guarantee that 3 will be busy patching holes, three will be drilling new holes, three will be bailing out the water, and three will be congratulating everyone on the full employment they have created for everyone in the boat. The hard thing for me is the whining of the left as they realize that actual consequences and outcomes are more important than good intentions.
Your friendly neighborhood Right Wing Whacko.

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