Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Primordial Conservative

So as I was sitting here pondering what really has my goat I am drawing a blank generally. After spending a great weekend with by beautiful, sweet wife I am having a difficult time getting really bugged about anything. So browsing through FoxNews.com I see "The entire Jon Stewart Interview" So I watch that, and... Yeah, that did it...

Monday, October 29, 2012

Redefining Rape

So the pro-abortion crowd is all a-tizzy over the crazy idea that rape should actually have a specific meaning.  It seems that the term “Rape” has thus far existed in a morass of wonderful ambiguity.  Until now those beacons of feminine equality have enjoyed unfettered discretion in regard to what they wanted the word to mean on any given day.  You see the word rape at one time in antiquity meant a man forcing himself upon a woman or girl.  Well that you see, was really just too restrictive.  It was really just too un-ambiguous. So, over time the word has conveniently and wonderfully become quite pliable and useful for most any agenda.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Put Up Or Shut Up

I have a proposal. To all of you “Save the earth-ers;” To all of you global warming, Tree hugging, Spotted Owl and Caribou saving, windmill lovin enviro-nuts. I have a very simple proposal: Put up or Shut up.  Just that – show me a VIABLE magic fairy dust alternative to our abundant and inexpensive natural resources of oil and natural gas. You have treated us for decades now to your constant and incessant nonsensical blather about everything not-oil, and yet what have you produced that can VIABLY replace it?  You have squeezed out bajillions of state and federal dollars for your myriad schemes and virtually all of them have proved to be majestically expensive failures. Many of these happy thoughts powered “alternative energy schemes have ultimately proved more environmentally devastating than the evil oil that they were supposed to be saving us from.

Magic Fairy Dust

So I am having the old Alternative Energy debate with my favorite Greenee. She is getting bugged and unleashes the usual ad-hominem attack: "You only look at information from one side. If you would have a more open mind and really look into both sides with an open mind you would have a different opinion."  Well my response to that is that I have an expert on the subject a phone call away that I have known for more than 40 years. This expert on the subject goes to every Magic Fairy Dust Alternative Energy Symposium available. She can probably quote me every windmill, solar, and kitchen grease diesel talking point there is. Yep I have learned everything necessary about alternative energy from my Greenee friend. My primary question is whether any of these "New Technologies" are economically viable.  She has argued vehemently over many years that several of these are indeed so.