Wednesday, January 25, 2012

La Hypocresia

So there's Obama and Calderon up there doing their version of "Dueling Banjo's," each trying to out platitude the other.  I noticed a few things that were, as usual, evidently lost on the media.
Calderon mentioned in his speech that they have done, and will continue to do all in their power to stem the tide of guns, drugs and money across the border. Do you notice anything distinctly absent from that sentence?

Well here's a hint: he reaffirmed their absolute opposition to "any attempt to criminalize immigration."  Huh?  What in the hell is criminalizing immigration? Does that mean we should not have any control over who comes to this country, and under what circumstances? Can you name one country in the world who does such a thing? Do Calderon and Mexico just throw open their borders to assure the respect of "human rights" to any that can sneak across their border?  Just try that Schtick when ILLEGALY crossing Mexico's southern border. When caught there doing so by Mexican officials you will generally be either beaten, robbed, raped, and/or killed, and tossed back over the border.

My question to El Presidente is: How would you like if we just adopt your country's immigration policies and practices?

Note to El Presidente: I don't care how flowery your platitudes about our mutual slobbering adoration and friendship, if you do not respect my country's border you are no mi amigo.
PS: And by the way Felipe, If you are running your own country  so damn great why is everyone that can swim, wade, run, or climb a fence leaving there?

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