Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Those who lack the courage to attempt the impossible may forever deny themeselves the knowledge of just how majestically they can fail...  (B. Owen 2011)

Who is braver? The optimist that believes he will eventually win through perseverence, and a little luck, or the man who marches stoically on to certain doom?

Optimism: Pathological ignorance of imminent doom. (B. Owen 2011)

We Can do this!"  - The phrase most often used to lead an army of well-meaning idiots to their deaths. (B. Owen 2011)

"There is nothing to fear but fear Itself!" - The phrase most often used to lure a bunch of half-wits that do not consider the factuality (or idiocy) of that statement to their doom.

"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead." Credited to Admiral David Farragut during the civil war but actually coined by two others before him... who could not take credit because they were blown up.

So Bill O'Reilly was going on about the Superbowl Taco Bell commercial being disrespectful of the elderly. I have enclosed my reponse:

Old idiots deserve no more respect than young idiots. They have just been stupid longer. I reserve my respect for the good and the wise: not for those who have been stupid longer than I have been alive.

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