Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anyone Lose A Bomb ?

So there's Eric Holder at the obligatory news conference telling us all about the car-bomb in Times Square. You've really gotta appreciate his ability to talk on and on without taking a position on anything. I am in constant awe of the seeming pinnacle of the evolution of the Yellow-bellied Ass-Covering Bureaucrat. [Beuaracratus-Slickious]  So Eric is going on about not being too hasty and jumping to any conclusions about the possibility of this being a terrorist event. Huh?<!--more--> What in the hell would a car-bomb left in probably the busiest public square on the planet be other than a terrorist plot? Does he think that someone accidentally misplaced their bomb?
Does he think that some senile grandma is wondering to herself "Now where did I leave that car full of explosives? I am just so addled these days!" Perhaps Eric should have gone on national TV and just asked: "Hey, did any of y'all out there lose a Bomb?" We'd really like to get it back to the rightful owner. Oh, and you are also illegally parked."

So just two short days later Mr. Holder; the ostensibly indispensable and smartest guy in the Justice Department has decided that an abandoned smoking car bomb in Times Square is an actual Terrorist Activity. Thank you Captain Obvious!  Well with guys like this in charge of protecting us; as well as Treasury Secretaries who don't see the relevance of their tax dodging to their job, or Homeland Security chiefs saying that terrorists getting bombs onto our planes is evidence that "the system is working," I sure feel safe; How 'bout you?  Yeah, Kudos Eric on your firm grasp of what everyone else on the planet figured out days ago. Way to sniff out the clues McGruff!

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