Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It Isnt Easy Being Green

So I am checking out potential hot new stock picks, and I come upon Solyndra, Inc.  Well, with all of the "Green" job fervor I am thinking that I may be on to something here.  Looking closer I am seeing some fascinating and promising details about the company.  Their website sure looks amazing. And hey, these guys are everywhere in the forefront of Green news. It seems everyone who is someone is endorsing, visiting, or doing photo-ops with them.  They have just built two huge new state-of-the-art solar-power factories. They have stated that they expect a 250% boost in capacity in the next year!
Wow! - but wait...theres more!
The Federal government just gave them a $535 million loan guarantee [The Federal Green-for-Green initiatives - I just made that term up :)  Add to that over a [b]illion in private equity funding, and visits and endorsements from Energy Secretary Steven Chu, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger,  and President Barack Obama. and I am just starting to salivate.  It is all enough to make one bow to Ra - The Sun God.  Except... except... There is the little fact... inconsequential really, that Solyndra is  currently doing there best Hindenburg impression.
 (Hindenburg Pic Here)Well, That new [second] factory is quite impressive by all accounts. (I have family that drive by it frequently.) Too bad their first factory is now dead as Detroit. Makes you wonder what the investors of Solyndra (and the Hindenburg) must have been thinking. Yep everything seemed to be going splendidly right up to the moment that it all went up in a gigantic fireball. Well Solyndra is now closing it's first factory just after opening their second. The second plant is as quiet as Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory during an OOmpa Loompa Strike. It's founding CEO has "stepped down." Solyndra has announced that expansion at the new plant will be "delayed" by about half of their previous claims.
Luckily the Obama Administration has "Saved-or-Created" about a zillion new-and-used "Green Jobs" for the approximately 140 employees that Solyndra have recently "let go."(Laid off) Yep I am definitely going to give all due consideration to investing in the new "Green" technologies.

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