Saturday, September 1, 2012

When YES means NO.

Person A and Person B get drunk and have sex. Both are quite drunk. There is a claim made that A was “Too drunk to form proper consent” thus was raped by B. B also claims to have been “Too drunk to form proper consent” and was thus raped by A. Who, if any was raped?

So what does “Too Drunk to Form Proper Consent” mean? Well I will cut and paste the exact words from a complaint about legislators’ attempts to actually define the word: “…under the influence of alcohol.” Yep, if she had anything to drink, he is a rapist. How cool is that?  So, yeah, you know me… can’t leave well enough alone – I have a couple of teensy weensy questions.

Killing George

So George was fulfilling his church duties peacefully one Sunday morning as an usher in the church, greeting all warmly, helping them to their seats: a beacon of Christian love and warmth. In his day job George was a renowned physician, aiding women in great need from all over the country, and beyond. George had even baptized many babies himself. To many it seems almost inconsequential: the fact that George first killed all of these babies before baptizing them.We'll never know if George was thinking of the thousands of babies he had killed as the peaceful Sunday morning church service was suddenly interrupted by Scott Roeder who calmly walked up and shot George Tiller in the eye, removing all such musings from his mind forever, at least in this world.