Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Trusting Tim

Hey I was worried for quite some time about the absurd amounts of money that we have been borrowing from China. They seemed to be increasingly nervous about extending us more credit. And Moody's, those guys that actually establish the worlds credit ratings; They have directly warned in no uncertain terms that our credit rating is at risk if we continue as we are. Many countries that have lent us money in the past have stopped doing so. Economists everywhere within our country and around the world are feverishly sounding alarm bells to anyone that will listen. Pundits and politicians from the far left, to the far right are wringing their hands and predicting dire consequences of continuing to race obliviously toward the cliff.  It's all enough to give one anxiety attacks. I was becoming extremely worried until recently reassured by our peerless Tim Geithner.
When faced with this barrage of facts, queries and admonitions, from the ostensible Goliath before him of the Congressional Inquisition he stood his ground unwaveringly and proclaimed boldly that all is well. He assured us that we will never lose our triple A credit Rating. Thus sayeth Tim Geithner - Thus shall it be. Whew! Thank the lord, I was really worried there. Well I for one have the weight of the world off of my shoulders. I am going to just go get a job right away. Hell, maybe I'll even start a new business and create [or save] a bunch of new jobs! After all if you can't trust the guy who can't get his own taxes right for several years, and was part of the agency at the epicenter of the meltdown and never saw it coming who can ya trust to see cataclysmic economic events bearing down on us. Good thing Tim set Moody's and the Chinese straight. You go Tim!

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